Moving and Etsy Sale


This blog has been hibernating for the past coupe of months… apologies for my neglect. There is a really good reason for it, though! In the coming month I am moving out of New York City, where I have lived for the past 10 years, and back to my hometown of Boston, MA. I am getting really excited about this move, but it is also taking up a lot of my extra time and energy. I hope once I get settled there to be able to update again with more projects and things I have been working on. I am currently working on a commission that I am excited to share once it is finished.

Also, getting ready for my move I am having a big sale in my Etsy store until June 1st. Everything is 20-30% off, which is a really great deal (I think)! The store will probably be closed for a good part of June while I am moving, so if you want prints or cards, get them now while they are super cheap!

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